Short Illustrated Stories by Brina Schenk – Shy Girl

A few years ago I had the audacity to think I could write and illustrate a children’s book. I spent hours on the story, typing it out and drawing pages. The whole concept went from a small, easy to navigate children’s story into a complicated, unmanageable piece that will require years of writing and rewriting, not to mention the drawing and redrawing.

For WonderWalk 2016, at Wapiti Music Festival, I wanted to show part 1 of Shy Girl. It was hard to cut a long mess of a story into 20 pages and only 2-4 sentences per page. Much of the story was lost. I’ll try again one day, to make this story again. For now, this book is on my mind shelf.

Here are a few of the illustrations that will, most likely, never make it into the final book.