New Personalized Typography Art Posters – Colourful Name or Word Artwork

It’s a fun idea that just came to me! Personalized typography art that can be customized with the name/word and colours of your choosing. Typography has been a love of mine since I took a graphic design course in Ontario years ago. Imagine, a whole class studying fonts and the history of typography. I fell in love instantly. Now I get to play with words again! Sometimes I surprise myself with my ideas. and wonder why it took so long.

If you have an idea in mind – a birthday or Christmas gift idea, let’s start talking and get a piece of art that you’re excited to share. I picture these typographic posters in a baby room or a series of them in a playroom or living room – printed large!

$35 for the digital file per name/word or $60 for a full colour print up to 8.5″ x 11″ (signed by the artist!) per name/word. Find out more here: Typography Art Prints.