How To Customize Art – Rabbit & Seahorse Digital Art Prints



It’s not always clear what “custom art prints” actually means. I get that! Let me tell you what I do, my process, so you understand what Annex Collections can do for you.

All of my digital art starts off as an illustration in one of my sketchbooks. I have drawers full of illustrations from over the years. I’ve gone through and found a few that could translate well as a vector image and scanned those ones. Once I scan my original illustration, I open the file in Adobe Illustrator where I trace the image and turn my file into an editable, customizable illustration. I love Illustrator!

What can now be customized are all the colours and the size of the artwork. All the colours, even the black, can be changed and the size of the art can go as large or as small as you need. If you look at the above image, my Suspended Seahorse illustration and Hip Hop Hare have been changed for each room. It’s amazing what a colour palette can do!

In my digital art gallery you’ll find lots of really cool and original illustrations by myself, Brina Schenk, that can now be changed to suit your style, home decor or office. It’s brilliant! We hope you find something you like and if you don’t, keep coming back because I’m adding illustrations almost daily.