Wedding Floral Arrangements – Custom Illustration or Floral Graphic

I adore flowers, especially near the end of winter when it feels like years since I’ve smelled something floral or botanical. I miss my garden. These two sketchers were based on some photos on Green Petal’s instagram, because the colours, textures and lines were just what I needed.

Once I got the line art done, I decided the images needed to go a bit further so I turned them into vector and played around with it. I ended up with these wonderful, customizable pieces of art that I can’t stop looking at.

Another idea I had, while making these two sketches, is what if couples wanted to turn their own wedding bouquets into beautiful, long lasting art for their home? I love the idea! Spread the word because it’s a very cool wedding gift idea, too.

Floral Sketch Explosion
Boho Floral Sketch Explosion