Digital Art – Abstract Old Growth

Abstract Old Growth is part of a new series by Brina Schenk. Abstract Old Growth is inspired by the local forests in Fernie, some of which is being clear cut as I type this. The trees in this area are very old, wise and majestic. This piece is dedicated to them.

Abstract Old Growth – Digital File

Default - original colours, 8" x 10" print file.


Abstract Old Growth – Custom Colour Digital File

Not sure how to change the colours on your own? We can do it for you! 8" x 10" digital file with your own colours.


Abstract Old Growth – Print, Signed, Mailed

If you would like the default design (top of the page) ready for an 8x10 frame, this is where you can make that happen. Shipping included.


Abstract Old Growth – Custom Colour Print, Signed, Mailed

We can do it all. Change the colours, have it signed by the artist and mailed right to you.


Brina Schenk's abstract old growth forest art - bold green and brown shapes dedicated to the old woods of British Columbia
Abstract Old Growth is also available on Brina’s Society6 shop