Digital Art – Caribou Inspired

During a recent conversation with someone in Fernie, I was made aware of the endangered status of the Mountain Caribou, and then I went home and did a bit of online research. The caribou is the most endangered mammal in North America, down to only 1200 and only 7 left in South Selkirks and South Purcells. While reading about the devastated caribou I was struck by their antlers – some antlers are so large, they look like massive tree branches coming from their heads. Therefore, Caribou Inspired needed to happen.

Digital File Download - Art Prints by Brina Schenk

Caribou Inspired – Digital File Emailed

Digital download only, PDF file in greyscale at 8" x 10". If you would like another file format, just let me know and I can send that to you.


Custom Colour Digital Art by Brina Schenk - choose your colours and send it by email

Caribou Inspired – Custom Colour File Emailed

Want to add colour to your Caribou art? We can do that for you. Your customized art will be sent to you by email using the colours and print size you choose.


Print, Sign and Mail art by Brina Schenk to my house or office

Caribou Inspired – Print, Sign & Mail

Have your Caribou Inspired art poster printed and signed by Annex Collections. Have it sent directly to you, ready to be framed. You will be sent an 8"x10" on 8.5"x11", black and grey scale print. Shipping included.


Custom Colour, Print and Ship art by Brina Schenk in Fernie BC

Caribou Inspired – Custom Colour, Print, Sign & Mail

Let Annex Collections Art customize your file for you by adding the colour(s) you want. It will be signed by the artist and shipped. Your print will be 8"x10" on 8.5"x11".


Caribou Illustration by Brina Schenk - Custom Colour art poster and prints - digital files or signed prints.