Digital Art – The Lazy Turtle

The coolest lazy turtle I’ve ever seen. This turtle illustration gets so much love and I understand why, it’s absolutely adorable. Illustration by Brina Schenk.

Digital File Download - Art Prints by Brina Schenk

Lazy Turtle – Digital File

Default - original colours, 8" x 10" print file.


Custom Colour Digital Art by Brina Schenk - choose your colours and send it by email

Lazy Turtle – Custom Colour Digital File

Not sure how to change the colours on your own? We can do it for you!


Print, Sign and Mail art by Brina Schenk to my house or office

Lazy Turtle – Print, Sign and Ship

If you would like the default design (top of the page) ready for an 8x10 frame, this is where you can make that happen. Shipping included.


Custom Colour, Print and Ship art by Brina Schenk in Fernie BC

Lazy Turtle – Custom Colour, Print, Sign and Ship

We can do it all. Change the colours, have it signed by the artist and mailed right to you.


Customize Your Lazy Turtle Illustration - Art Print Animals